Luxury Bouquet with 150 Red Roses

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A unique bouquet for a unique recipient !

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  • Premium packaging with the signature of LouloudiaOnline 

  • Combine your bouquet with a lovely Vase and win a prize Discount 20%.

  • Combine with the LouloudiaOnline scented candle range and get a discount 20%

The ultimate expression of love, the Luxury Bouquet with 150 Red Roses of excellent quality that will fascinate the recipient and make him remember this moment for the rest of his life!

The bright red shade of 10 Roses is a symbol of passion and love and it is a given that this particular bouquet will attract all eyes on it !

Every detail has been designed with great care , the luxurious carry bag and Coconut wrapper of our new product line "Black Collection" gives the feeling of absolute elegance and mystery !

With this bouquet in your hands , you will feel that you have held something magical and unique.

The Luxury Bouquet with 150 Red Roses is perfect to celebrate the occasion of your wedding. anniversary or as mostly suitable for the day of lovers , or any special time you wish to show your love.

It can also be combined wonderfully with a Vase from our collection as well as with but Decorative gifts of our store.

The Luxury Bouquet with 150 Red Roses will create a unique and unforgettable moment that will be forever engraved in the memory of its recipient.

In addition, here are three tips to care for your flowers and maximise their lifespan:

  1. Trim the ends of the stems of the Roses : Before placing them in a vase of water, cut off some of the lower ends of the Roses to allow the water to be absorbed more easily and thus maintain their freshness.
  2. Change the water daily: To keep your Roses fresh, it is advised that you daily change the water in the jar. This will ensure that they receive proper hydration and remain vivid.
  3. Place them in a cool environment : Roses love a cool environment, so prefer to place them in a cool room away from direct sunlight or any heat sources.

Give your loved ones a gift that will be unforgettable!

Get the Luxury Bouquet of 150 Red Roses from LouloudiaOnline and let love blossom in your life !


9000 g


70 × 60 cm

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Saint Valentine , Birthday , Women's Day , Mother's Day , Congratulations , Anniversaries


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