Cancellation and Returns Policy

Upon delivery of the product, the order form is signed by the recipient.
In case the recipient cannot sign the order form himself, the order form
signed by a third person. (Name and signature) This constitutes the
guarantee of delivery of the order. In the event that the recipient refuses for
any reason to sign the order form, the sender does not have
right to dispute the delivery of his order.

Cancellation of an order can be accepted up to one day before order is settled
to be delivered. Then there might be a possibility of refund. If cancellation occurs
on the same day as the delivery, then the amount of the order
is not refundable. In that case there is the option that the sender asks so that the order
be sent to a different address or not to be sent at all.
That is because the preparation of the order has already been done and therefore the modification of the end product
is irreversible.

If there are complaints about the quality of the flowers, the florist should be contacted by
the sender only, and thus be informed the very same day .In that case, we should receive via e-mail ( high definition photos in a way that the problem is shown in a most clear way. After that it will be checked by our team and after the problem
is confirmed then the product is replaced immediately at the expense of the store.