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Loyalty Program LouloudiaOnline

Customer Loyalty Program

Because at LouloudiaOnline, we return your love!

See below how you can get an additional discount on your orders.

How you earn points

  • Shopping points in the basket: You collect points which will be available in your basket for redemption.
    1. For every 1 euro you buy, you receive 1 point.
    2. For placing your first order you receive 100 points
    3. For the creation of a customer account you receive 100 points.
    4. For each confirmed product review you receive 50 points (requires you to have previously purchased the product)
    5. In 1 year from the creation of a customer account you receive 100 points.
  • Free Delivery: You can redeem the required points to receive free shipping.
    1. For every 1 euro you buy, you receive 1 point.

How you redeem points

  • You can redeem 500 points and receive free shipping on your order.
  • You can redeem your available points in your cart. For every 100 points you get 1,00€ discount.
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