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The flowers you would offer to a student or student who has finished school or university for graduation and swearing in.

Both the graduation ceremony, as well as the swearing in, are days that remain unforgettable in our memory, often framed or posted on social media and determine to a significant extent our subsequent professional or academic career. On the one hand, the graduation ceremony takes place once a year, at the end of each school season, the most important being that of 3from High school that marks the end of our student years. On the other hand, the oath of allegiance is related to the oath taken by a student who has completed his or her university obligations and receives his or her degree. Such ceremonies are organised in university institutions after each examination period, namely that of September, that of the winter semester and that of the spring semester.

As we have already said, both the graduation ceremony and the swearing-in ceremony are moments in a person's life that are not easily forgotten. That is why on these important occasions, most people want loved ones by their side. So if you have received a similar invitation and you do not want to attend empty-handed, you are already thinking about what you can offer to the student who has completed school or university. The answer is simple and easy: flowers! It's no coincidence that almost everyone in the photos they post is holding in their hands, along with their diploma or degree, a lovely bouquet. But which flower will you choose for the occasion? Below you will find all the useful tips.

Why are flowers a good gift for the graduation ceremony and swearing in?

A bouquet is a great way to congratulate someone for what they have achieved and to express your admiration for the fact that they have achieved their goal, whatever it may be. Of course, getting your high school diploma or degree is no exception as it is an achievement that comes after a lot of hard work and of course a lot of sacrifice. Moreover, with a bouquet of flowers you will fill your loved one with beautiful colors and smells and wish them the best for the future. In fact, in case you can't attend, you can always send the bouquet you have chosen with your message to the recipient. Don't forget the card which allows you to write your wishes and express your feelings. In conclusion, the color and also the type of flower will send their own message with their symbolism.

Which flowers to choose for the ceremony?

The bouquet of roses is the best and safest option that I highly recommend. Apart from the fact that most people like them, they symbolize a wide range of emotions depending on their color so you can send the message you want. Red roses are meant for your partner's graduation, so for any other occasion I recommend pink without a second thought. The yellow ones symbolize friendship while the orange ones symbolize the excitement of a great success. Don't forget the white roses which give the warmest wishes for a new beginning. 

The chrysanthemum are also a popular choice. They symbolize optimism, joy and good luck sending the message of success and happiness. White and yellow chrysanthemums are the ones to choose for a graduation ceremony or a swearing-in ceremony.

An alternative in a pot, are the Orchids which make the difference compared to the classic bouquet. Apart from the fact that they last longer and can decorate the recipient's home, orchids symbolize good luck, warm wishes and the strength needed to cope with obligations.

Whatever your choice, make sure you accompany my bouquet with a card full of wishes and feelings. For some people, sincere words can be more important than even a beautiful gift!

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