4 special ways to perfume your home for the holidays

4 special ways to perfume your home for the holidays

Scented candles, sticks and diffusers, sprays and plug-in fragrances. These are the most common ways to make our space smell nice. But what if we could find some more, even more original ideas?

Has your bouquet dried up? Keep the petals and spray them with your favourite fragrance or a few drops of essential oil and place it on the radiator. When this heats up, it will release the fragrance throughout the room. If you haven't kept the petals from your previous bouquet, spray a piece of cotton wool.


Do you like tangerines? Take the peels and place them on the coffee machine while you make your coffee. The room will be flooded with a combination of coffee and tangerine aroma!


In a saucepan, boil water, cinnamon, orange, cloves and a few drops of orange essential oil. The house will smell like Christmas!


Of course the ultimate festive way is to bake cinnamon cookies, kourabiedes or melomakarona!


Happy holidays!

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