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Which gifts to choose, depending on the occasion, so that you don't go empty-handed.

As we slowly say goodbye to the coronavirus and visit friends and family with greater ease, we often think about what we can offer them as we cross the threshold of their home. Of course, it's the traffic that counts and our loved ones invite us because they desire our company, not the gift we bring with us. Of course, social norms demand that we do not go empty-handed when we are invited. That doesn't mean you can't tailor the gift to your budget and capabilities. There is a wide variety of options so that you are sure to find what you are looking for. However, whatever you offer, make sure you offer it with a smile! Below you'll find the best gift ideas that will win over the hosts and won't force you to dig deep into your pockets.

Ideas and suggestions in view of the home visit


A bouquet of flowers can be a great idea for visiting a friendly home. In addition to the beautiful smells, it will also fill the space with colour. Apart from roses which are a safe yet unsurpassed choice, I suggest sunflowers for the season which bring joy, optimism and light to a home. In fact, yellow is associated with the concept of friendship and among other things, loyalty and sympathy.


The flowers, apart from the classic bouquet, can also be placed in a deluxe box that gives a sense of luxury. As a matter of fact, we are used to beautiful gifts being offered in a lovely box that will impress the recipients. In fact, this particular gift can adorn a piece of furniture in the home without having to use a vase.


Toy flowers are wonderful gifts for many different occasions. That doesn't mean they aren't ideal for a visit to a friends house. The toyflower will make a fantastic decoration for any room in the house and its great advantage is that it will last for a long time. You can choose between the wide variety of colours and also between designs that resemble a teddy bear or a heart or a unicorn. In any case, of course, you can choose the classic and everyone's favourite stuffed teddy bear, whether you're going to visit someone you have tender feelings for, or you want to make a sweet addition to your basket for the little one who may be at home.


Flowers that last forever are also a very beautiful and long-lasting choice that can also work as a decorative item. Choose how many roses you want, which have been treated to last for years and offer them to your loved ones. There is always the alternative of a rose in a canopy, reminiscent of the fairy tale "Beauty and the Beast".


Alcohol and sugar win almost all people over and bring them joy. A bottle of wine or another alcoholic drink can cheer up your host. Find your preferred label according to your budget and put it in a beautiful basket with lovely flowers.

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