Flower selection guide for Mother's Day

Choose flowers for Mother's Day

Flower selection guide for Mother's Day


Bouquets of various flowers can be designed to express your love in style. In fact, bouquets are the most popular choice for Mother's Day, probably because they allow you to easily customize the flowers and color.

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Live Plants Live Plants

While fresh flowers are a popular expression of your love and appreciation on Mother's Day, you can also offer fresh flowers to your loved ones. living plants. If the mother in your life is a gardener or enjoys houseplants, Mother's Day is the perfect opportunity to give her live plants.

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There is no sweeter surprise for a mom than seeing her child/children at the door with a bouquet of flowers. But if you're not sure if you'll be able to get the flowers to her yourself, schedule the delivery so she can receive them early and get her day off to a great start! Next to each product on our site, you have the option to schedule the delivery of your bouquet.

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Mother's Day Flowers by Husbands Flowers by Husbands

According to a recent survey conducted by FTD Florist, 20% of husbands give their wives flowers on Mother's Day. If your wife is the mother of your children or has raised other children, consider giving her flowers on Mother's Day. It doesn't matter that she is not your mother. Honor her on Mother's Day with a bouquet of flowers to show her how much you appreciate all the work she has done. Especially if the kids are too young to offer mom the same flowers!

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Colour matters

Pink is considered a symbol of maternal love, but you don't have to limit yourself to it if you don't want to. Check out the colors and their meanings below and combine them to send your message.

Pink - Innocence, Unlimited Love, Affection

Red - deep love and passion

White - Purity, Truth and Perfection

Yellow - Trust, Compassion and Respect

Purple - Grace and Elegance


Types of flowers

Carnations have the same meaning for Mother's Day as roses have for Valentine's Day. Of course, but that doesn't mean you can't give other flowers for Mother's Day.

Roses - Love or Passion

Carnations - The love of a mother

Lily - Purity and Beauty

Daisies - True Love


Naturally, no one knows your mom better than you and your siblings. Follow your instincts and consider her preferences and interests when choosing flowers. Flower arrangements in special vases and baskets can make a beautiful impression and show mom that you have put thought into her gift. Choose flowers for Mother's Day from rustic baskets, flower pots and vintage vases for the mom who enjoys the simple pleasures in life or colorful vases and vibrant colors for the mom who loves color. Don't forget to include her favorite flowers in the colors she prefers to make this Mother's Day special.

Choose flowers for Mother's Day.

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