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Which flowers can withstand the summer heat and are worth choosing for your home or for your loved ones.

The calendar says that we are in the first ten days of July, the second month of summer, which is also one of the hottest of the year. Although meteorologists had predicted that this summer would be hotter than previous summers, the data of the last period have made them revise their forecast and as a result we are told that it will be at normal levels. Of course, this in no way means that we are going to have a mild Summer with bearable temperatures. Don't forget that we live in Greece, the country where sun and heat go together.

So despite the high temperatures of summer, it doesn't mean we stop loving flowers and wanting them to fill our homes with colours and smells. Nor, of course, do we stop offering them to our loved ones or when visiting the homes of friends, acquaintances and relatives. Of course, if you are going to buy a bouquet, the best thing to do is to choose flowers that are resistant to the high temperatures of summer and, with proper care, will last longer than the rest. Below is a comprehensive list of those flowers that aren't affected by the heat and some helpful tips to extend their lifespan.

Which flowers to choose during the Summer

The zinnias or zinnias are flowers that you will find in a variety of colours. Some look like daisies and others like dahlias. Of course, this particular flower is also famous for its resistance to both cold and heat.

The amaranth on the other hand may not be the classic flower to choose for the arrangement but they are becoming more and more popular in recent years, certainly because of their durability. When the flower dries out, it retains its shape and also its flowers. In fact, this particular plant saves your hands because you don't have to cut the stems nor do you have to change the water in the vase to keep it longer.

The sunflowers are the all time classic choice of the Summer, as the name says they remind us of the sun and are therefore more resistant to it. A tip to keep them longer in the vase is to give them plenty of water as they need it. Of course, the water should be at room temperature and replenished daily.

alstroemeria is a beautiful flower that comes to us from Chile and is said to attract new friends to your life and your home. The plant symbolizes friendship, so it is an ideal choice to offer to a loved one to express your sympathy and devotion. With proper care, alstroemeria will keep for several days in a vase. One secret is to trim the lower leaves so they don't come in contact with water.

Another flower that comes in many different colours is the freesias. In fact, they are excellent for you who are looking for flowers for a flowerpot, as they last for a long time. Of course, keep in mind that this period is shorter in the warmer months. One tip that applies to all vase flowers is to keep them away from fruit and out of the sun's rays.

I will close with the hydrangeas which are in themselves a flower that makes an impression and catches the eye. It is not only on balconies and patios where we can see it but even in a vase. Besides, they are a common choice for weddings, christenings, events and receptions. They love water so you have to refresh it daily if you want them to last. Make sure you give them some water and even don't touch them too much because they may lose their petals.

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