Flowers for Men | How to choose flowers for him

Λουλούδια για άνδρες Πως να διαλέξετε λουλούδια για έκείνον

Flowers for him

What to look out for when offering flowers to a man

Happy St. Valentine's Day! Yet another occasion to give your sweetheart a gift. Give him once again a perfume, a sweater or maybe a lighter? What if he's the "guy who has everything"? The gift doesn't have to meet a specific need, it's not necessary to give something he'll use every day. It can just be something that will make him happy, something beautiful even if it's not utilitarian. Like flowers!

It is perfectly acceptable to give flowers to our beloved men, but understandably, we will choose them with different criteria than if the flowers were marketed to a woman. 

When to offer flowers to a man

Occasions such as birthdays, congratulations, get well, father's day, birthday, anniversary, thank you and of course, Valentine's Day, are the ideal occasions to offer flowers to the men in your life. Make flowers your main gift or accompany them a bottle of wine and a greeting card. And the best part? You don't even have to look far to find them. Pick one of our products, set the delivery date and we take care of everything else. 

How to choose the right flowers for a man

  • Avoid pastels. Usually men prefer stronger or darker colours, less "cute".
  • Prefer flowers and plants with more pronounced shapes, pointed leaves and fewer curves, as they are considered more masculine. 
  • Flowers and plants with exotic influences are an excellent choice for men. 
  • Choose a symbolic plant. Η olive tree symbolizes longevity and success, the bonsai passion and healing and the orchid love and purity. Get your message across by choosing the right plant. 

Μην περιμένετε τελευταία στιγμή, κάντε σήμερα την παραγγελία σας!

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