Add flowers to your Christmas decorations

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How to put flowers in your Christmas decoration

We may often prefer synthetic wreaths and ornaments, but fresh materials will add a special touch to your festive decorations.

But the most important thing is the decoration of the Christmas table.

Minimalist wreath with Pine cones

The idea is not so original, but in this particular picture the pine cones and all the other ingredients are arranged in such a way to give a minimal and chic composition to the Christmas wreath.

Small flowers and eucalyptus

The small white flowers give a snowy feel to any winter arrangement. Place them... everywhere! On the wreath, on the festive table, on your gift ribbons! For the eucalyptus we have talked to you before on our blog. Its leaves have a muted green color, which is not so "vibrant" and makes it perfect for winter and minimal compositions (that's why Instagrammers love it so much, by the way!)

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Wreath of fresh flowers

Okay, it may remind you of May Day, we get it. But you can make the wreath of fresh flowers symbolize Christmas! In the image below, olive leaves have been used, which - like eucalyptus - are not too bright green, and make the wreath... less spring-like! Add a Christmas ribbon and maybe some gold dust to complete the festive theme of your wreath.


Christmas Table Decoration

A unique Christmas table arrangement completely changes the mood and brings the Christmas spirit to your table.

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Composition for the Christmas table


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How would you use flowers in your Christmas decoration?

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