How to overcome the melancholy of the holidays

How to overcome the melancholy of the holidays

It may sound strange and contradictory, but the melancholy of the holidays is very common. Perhaps in reaction to the "obligatory" joy of the holidays, perhaps from an "overdose of merriment", or even from over-eating, we feel disappointment, anger or just plain melancholy (we're not talking about clinical cases, of course!). We suggest some simple small and flowery solutions to overcome the melancholy of the holidays.

Take a break from heavy foods, alcohol and sweets.

We know it's not easy with all the parties, tables and temptations around, but for just one day during the holidays, try to be more in control of what you consume.


Help someone

Whether you give directions to someone on the street, make a donation - even a small one - or whatever else you can think of, you know that generosity is a very simple and easy way to feel better!


Give flowers yourself! Out of love or out of obligation, during the festive season we tend to think about what to give to others. Give something to yourself, without waiting for someone else to do it!

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