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Everything you need to know to make a beautiful table decoration using summer flowers.

Just before we welcome August, it's the right time to talk about summer tables. Whether you're a person inviting people over for dinner, or you want to upgrade dinner with your family or partner, it's worth knowing that you can set a great backdrop using a bouquet of Flowers. To be honest, even a couple of fresh flowers that you might pick from the garden in a glass of water can make a difference and lift your spirits. But if that's not enough, I'll talk about how you can take your summer table decor one step further with a few flowers that are perfect for the most beautiful time of year.

Useful tips to make a great summer table

Before we get to the flowers, it's worth giving some tips on how to make a great summer table for guests, friends or relatives. The first step is to choose your theme. Maybe your tables can be boho or bucolic or floral. Even if you choose neutral colors, make sure to limit yourself to light shades that will bring light to the brightest time of the year. With this in mind and in line with the theme you have chosen, you will complement your tablecloth and dinnerware. Don't keep in mind that there can only be one large vase in the middle of the table as you can also fill the surface with small vases that can hold a flower or two. Don't be afraid if all of your items don't match perfectly or aren't from the same set. However, make sure you stay true to the theme and colour palette you have chosen. Finally, try to add character to your summer table. Place a flower next to each guest's plate or write a card with a beautiful personalized wish for each individual.

Which flowers to choose for your summer tables

Before we talk about specific flowers and their combinations, keep in mind that it's worth experimenting with flower containers. You can opt for the classic clear vase, but you can also choose rectangular designs or sets of vases that vary in diameter and fit together surprisingly well. Whatever your choice, make sure to enrich your bouquet with sprigs of your plant of choice to give it extra volume. You also don't have to limit yourself to one type of flower but you can choose a bouquet with different flowers.

If the dinner is erotic and concerns a date or an anniversary, it goes without saying that the absolute dominant is red roses, which are still associated with passion and love. In the summer, I prefer roses. pink roses that exude the serenity of the season, although fire-red is an unsurpassed choice in roses.

If you want to fill your table with colours, I have the solution! A bouquet with fuchsia roses, yellow alstroemeria, orange gerberas and flames will bring the shades of summer to your table and everyone will want to take a flower as they leave.

Do you want to move to more neutral shades while letting your dinnerware stand out on summer tables? Then I suggest the combination of white and pink which is quiet but never goes unnoticed. Roses, chrysanthemums and lisianths is just right for the composition you have in mind.

The boldest choice I have for you is the Blue Roses. Many times our table has a bright colour that dominates from the dishes to the napkins. In the Greek Summer the blue color is the ideal choice. Imagine the combination of a bouquet of blue roses with a table in white with blue details. Nothing is more reminiscent of Summer in our country!

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