The most romantic flowers

The most romantic flowers for women's day

Are you planning to give or hoping to receive flowers for Women's Day (8/3!) or so, without any excuse? It's good to have an idea of the message you're giving along with each flower, and today, we're featuring the 6 most romantic flowers:

1. Roses

Expected, predictable but a safe and classic choice. The red rose in particular, symbolizes love, romance, perfection and beauty. Intertwined with the ancient goddess of love, Aphrodite, the rose has been a symbol of love for centuries.

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2. Gerberas

Daisies, a family in which gerberas flourish, generally symbolize beauty, purity and innocence. Gerberas are distinguished by their very large flowers and can be found in a variety of shades. Happy and vibrant colours always evoke the most positive emotions, which is why they are an excellent choice for your bouquet.

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3. Sunflowers

As their name suggests, sunflowers symbolize warmth and joy. They also give messages of loyalty while their yellow colour refers to summer. In ancient Greek mythology, the sunflower is associated with a nymph who transforms into a flower after having lost her love, which gives the flower a special romantic significance.

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4. Gardenias

These elegant flowers with their intense fragrance, symbolize purity, joy, elegance, as well as "old-fashioned" love. Gardenia leaves, glistening like wax, symbolize purity and understanding of self, characteristics essential in a romantic relationship.

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5. Carnations

Cloves, like any flower, can bring different messages depending on the occasion and its colour. Otherwise known as dianthus, it has many references as the flower of the gods (dios + anthos), and among its general properties are love and enthusiasm.

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Few ways of communicating are as symbolic as the exchange of flowers. You can say so much without so many words. All you need is to learn the essentials and of course give meaning to every little or big gesture. Give your bouquet today!

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