What do the colours on the roses symbolize?

what the colours on the roses symbolize

What better gift than a classic rose bouquet? The simple beauty of roses creates wonderful emotions and depending on their colour they can have different meanings. Choosing the perfect color in roses can convey your message without any words!

So before you decide which colors to choose, read below what do red roses symbolize? Or what do yellow roses symbolize?

white roses what they symbolize


1. Bouquet of white roses
White roses are traditionally associated with weddings and new beginnings, but their quiet beauty has also made them a gesture of remembrance. They are suitable for expressing recognition of a new beginning or a farewell. Their pure color conveys respect and expresses hope for the future.

Concept: Purity and innocence


yellow roses what they symbolize


2. Bouquet with yellow roses
The yellow rose once symbolized jealousy and greed. Now it is a colour that represents friendship and caring! If you want to express warmth and affection with yellow roses you will definitely succeed!

Concept: friendship, care and remembrance



orange roses what they symbolize


3. Bouquet with orange roses
Orange Roses radiate energy! They are considered the wild child of the rose family and represent charm and pride. So if you want to "inflate" some emotion, enthusiasm, passion, gratitude, orange roses will get your message across with both charm and elegance.

Concept: Passion and desire


pink roses what they symbolize


4. Bouquet of pink roses
A classic symbol of grace and elegance, it is often given as a sign of admiration and appreciation. They are the most gracious roses and convey this message through their grace! A bouquet of pink roses is sure to create a bright spot and make someone's day special!

Concept: Admiration and joy


red roses what they symbolize


5. Bouquet of red roses
Red Roses are associated with beauty and perfection, and are a timeless way of saying "I love you". They convey passion and intense romantic love. Whatever the occasion, there is no better gift than a bouquet of red roses to share your feelings.

Concept: Absolute love, passion and longing


blue roses what they symbolize


6. Bouquet of blue roses
Blue roses are not created naturally, and so they represent mystery and illusion because of their enchanting hue. When it comes to love, blue roses signify absolute desire.

Concept: Impossible love, desire and mystery



multicolored roses what they symbolize


7. Bouquet with colourful roses
A colourful bouquet is unique! It represents joy and conveys a beautiful and fun atmosphere. It's a great way to share many emotions and messages with a single gift!




Now that you are familiar with the concepts of colours you can explore all the bouquets and choose the one that represents the emotion you want to express by clicking on HERE!

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