5 plants for positive energy in your space

5 plants for positive energy in your space

Every healthy plant brings positive and happy energy to a space, but there are some special plants that can do wonders for the energy of your home/office/shop! We've picked five of our favorites and are featuring them today.



Basil brings love, luck, beauty and prosperity. It has antidepressant properties, is antibacterial and antiseptic, and having a basil glaze at home, you can use it in food. Basil is also considered a powerful protection against negative energy. Traditionally, our grandmothers used to say "Where basil lives, evil does not live".

Rose miniature

Thyme leaves have one of the strongest vibrations of all plants. They invoke love, healing, luck and protection. A miniature rose bush is a very convenient, easy and cute plant to have around the house. Their different colors have different symbolism: white symbolizes purity, purity, healing and positive energy. The peach one is for spirituality and friendship. Pink is romantic love, joy and play. Fuchsia deep love, self-love and love for life. Red symbolizes passionate, deep, true love.


Lavender smells great, is relaxing and uplifting. It aids easy deep sleep, relaxes and rests while removing positive energy.


Orchids represent love and attract love, romantic or friendly. The ancient Greeks associated orchids with fertility, which makes them a wonderful gift for new parents! (read here a curious piece of information about the orchid)


Bamboo is known for attracting wealth and joy. It offers protection and luck, while increasing mental agility and spirituality. It helps develop new talents, and aids good health.

Note: Of course no plant or symbol can do everything by itself. And of course it does not replace the advice of our doctor! We need to take care of ourselves, our relationships, our work and our home and use each plant as a beautiful, helpful addition. 

What is your favourite plant for positive energy?

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