The most "famous" houseplants on the internet and how to care for them

The most "famous" houseplants on the internet and how to care for them

The fashion trends created and promoted by the Internet are not only limited to clothes, make-up and beauty, but have also spread to flowers and plants. If you too are jealous of the pots you see on Instagram and want to have indoor plants as "taken from Pinterest", read on!



Perhaps the most Insta-famous plant, lately! Any picture it appears in, ensures lots of likes and beautiful comments! In real life though, like all plants (and celebrities 😛 ), it needs care and nurturing to stay healthy and beautiful. It comes from Mexico and Central America, so it needs a warm environment and moderate lighting. Its soil is good to stay moist, however it acclimatizes to dry conditions. You can cover it from time to time to limit its growth and maintain the desired height and shape.



Bonsai is a Japanese technique of growing tiny trees in pots. Many plants can be used for this technique, such as tropical plants or shrubs. A common and very beautiful type of bonsai is the ficus, and its care is not very different from that of a simple ficus. The light needed is moderate the temperature is warm and the soil should be watered to keep the leaves green and healthy.

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Eucalyptus can become a very beautiful and minimal decorative element in your space. It is an evergreen tree, which of course lives outdoors, but with proper care it can decorate your space in a pot, since it is easily adapted to climate changes and the ideal temperature for this plant is 16-20 degrees (about the same as we usually have in our house, in winter with heating), while watering once a week is enough.

Which plants have you noticed appearing too often on the Internet and Social Media?

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