10 spring flowers to plant or decorate your home

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10 spring flowers to plant or decorate your home

Season of renewal - and flowers!- spring is the celebration of nature's awakening! The best way to transition from the colder months than to decorate your garden, balcony and home with spring flowers! If you can't decide whether to plant flowers in spring or decorate your home with them, think about where you spend more time so you can enjoy them more. In any case, we share with you, below, our favorite flowers for this season.  


This beautiful plant has lovely flowers in mild winter climates or early spring in slightly colder areas.


In early spring or even in mid-winter, the jewel-like crocus flowers look even more impressive planted in large beds.

saffron scaled


A beloved species, and not without reason! Daffodils are one of the happiest flowers of spring, with their pale flowers and bright colours. The first daffodils appear in early spring, especially small varieties like Tete-a-Tete.

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With so many shapes and colours available, it is difficult to choose just one variety of tulips. If you plan to plant them in your garden, choose a variety of different bulbs for a colorful and perfectly spring-like effect. If you still prefer to enjoy them in a vase indoors, there you have no restrictions! Enjoy them in colours such as yellow, white, pink, red, fuchsia.


The strong scent of hyacinth can easily replace your fragrance room this season! Their majestic, upright flowers are simply gorgeous. Although often grown in pots on the windowsill, hyacinths are surprisingly hardy and suitable for outdoor growing.

magnolia scaled


A tree known for its large, fragrant flowers, named after the French botanist Pierre Magnol, the magnolia blooms in late spring with beautiful white or pink flowers. 



The bush that fills with flowers in late spring, full of fragrance and colour. Great idea to plant in a spot you pass by, such as an entrance or pathway (in the garden in soil or in a box, at home, in your favorite vase) to bathe you with its intense fragrance.

anemones scaled


There are about 120 species in the anemone genus, such as the wild anemone or wood anemone. Throughout spring, anemones are present and at their... best! 


The absolute favorite flower of bloggers and Instagram, peonies take us from spring to summer!

Celebrate the most joyful time of the year by sending a loved one a gift bouquet of fresh flowers

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