5 flowers you should never offer and what to replace them with

flowers you should never offer

Yes there are flowers you should never offer in some situations. The symbolism of flowers can be a very interesting way to give a message without even speaking. But many times, flowers and the way in which we offer them can give opposite or even scary connotations, so you better do your "homework"!


Don't be fooled by its impressive appearance. The spearhead gives messages of hatred and caution. Prefer chrysanthemum symbolizing ideas such as tenderness (not romantic), family support, rest after suffering, and romantic or platonic devotion. 


Begonia is a common flower in bouquets, precisely because it is very beautiful. It's not as forbidding as the aconite, but it means "deep thought," warning and caution, so if you decide to give it to someone, be sure to do so intentionally. Prefer lilies symbolizing devotion, motherhood and fertility, youthful beauty and rebirth.

Yellow carnation

Some carnations can be a very beautiful gift and can carry a sweet and tender message. Not so with yellow carnations. They symbolize rejection and contempt. Prefer white carnations representing love and sweetness. 

Black Rose

The black rose is chemically dyed, it does not grow naturally in this colour. It is not one of the very common colors and you will probably have to look hard to find it. But we would advise you not to do so because it symbolizes mourning and sadness. Prefer White Roses to give messages of purity and purity, Red Roses for messages of romance and beauty and pink roses for messages of love and gratitude.   

Azalea in a black vase

The azalea in general, symbolizes beautiful emotions such as homesickness (for someone who is far away), abundance, feminine beauty, care of self and family. However, the toxicity of the flower gave a darker version to its symbolism, expressing unappealing messages, but only when it comes in a black vase. So don't give azalea in a black vase to someone unless you want to scare them! (The our white basket, it is perfectly safe! 😀 )

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