6 Symbolic Flowers for Mother's Day

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Mother's Day is approaching and giving flowers to a mom has become a tradition on this day. There are so many flowers to choose from. Whether these are in a beautiful bouquet, or they are in an arrangement, or it can be a potted one. Amongst so many combinations, so many kinds of flowers and colours you can definitely find the gift that suits your own mother. Some flowers are associated with Mother's Day and are symbolic.
See below the six most important flowers you can give your mother on this special day!



Although roses usually represent more romantic feelings, they can also express maternal love, depending on the choice of colour.
You can choose pink roses, which symbolize grace, elegance, appreciation, happiness and charity. The various shades of pink represent gratitude and youth.

If pink is not your style, yellow roses express friendship, joy, loyalty and care. While you can also choose white roses which symbolize virtue, purity, piety and goodwill. If none of the above represents your mother you can combine several colours of roses together which represent positive energy.




Carnations are the most popular flowers for Mother's Day. This was established by the founder of this holiday, who on that day gave out white carnations because they were her mother's favorite. They are the representatives of love, purity, faith, charm, beauty and distinction. As the traditional flower for Mother's Day, carnations in white symbolize good fortune, faith and charity; in pink, gratitude and love; and in red, admiration and heartfelt affection.



Tulips are associated with spring and symbolize life, comfort, warmth and happiness. And how much more Spring than in May, which is Mother's Day!

Tulips range in colour from white to orange and the symbolism of each colour is slightly different. To convey feelings of care, warmth, affection and love, choose a shade of pink. To symbolize true, deep love and admiration, choose red. White symbolizes purity and heaven itself. At the brighter end of the spectrum, yellow tulips represent happy, loving thoughts and orange is a color that symbolizes excitement, enthusiasm and energetic love.



A traditional symbol of beauty and purity, gerberas are a powerful addition to a bouquet or arrangement, but they are also a choice on their own. White ones symbolize the innocence of a mother's love, the purity of her patience and her endless compassion.

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Orchids are another excellent choice for Mother's Day. Orchids represent love, luxury, elegance, beauty and strength, qualities that your mom most likely possesses!



Finally, lilies are a popular choice for Mother's Day and are rich in meaning. White lilies symbolize purity and majesty.


I hope you manage to find the perfect gift for your mom this Mother's Day and if you want to send her flowers, keep these concepts in mind! Happy Mother's Day!

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