Dry Flowers.

dry flowers in jars

And who wouldn't want a beautiful bouquet or a beautiful arrangement received as a gift to last forever? Too often we look for ways on how to dry a bouquet and even more often we don't succeed! It's time to discover the Dry Flowers!

Don't go through lengthy procedures unnecessarily. We will give you the opportunity to discover dried flower arrangements in a jar!

Dry Flowers are ready dried flowers, which we compose for you in unique combinations and colors. They are handmade one by one and you can find them either as an arrangement in a jar, as a bouquet, or as an arrangement in a box. They are available in so many colours to suit every taste. Some of them are paired with Forever Roses, which are real roses, specially treated and will last for years!


Dry Flower Petrol Medium

In shades of blue and teal, you will look at this particular bowl and it will take you to exotic destinations.


Dry Flower Pink Large

In more pale shades, this particular bowl, wherever it is placed, will give a romantic atmosphere!


Dry Flower Yellow Mini

In shades of yellow reminiscent of the bright summer sun, this particular bowl can become a symbol of an unforgettable summer.


Dry Flower Gold Medium

If on the other hand you want something more elegant, there is always gold!


We hope we have helped you to get to know the Dry Flowers and the next time you want to send flowers think about this option!

Discover all available colours and sizes HERE.

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