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Which bouquet to offer if you want to say thank you or apologise to the recipient.

We live in a fast-paced society, so fast that we do not have time to dwell on the small pleasures and the small beauties of life. Emotions and flowers are some of them. They may have no material value but they can fill us up inside and improve our psychology. That is why from ancient times to this day, flowers and emotions are connected in a mysterious way. Each flower symbolizes something but also makes you experience an emotion.

After all, such a hurried pace makes us not pay due attention to human relationships and feelings. Perhaps that is why we often make mistakes and hurt people or do not take the time to thank them for a good deed. Offering a bouquet of flowers to say "thank you" or to say "sorry" has nothing to do with the monetary cost but has to do with the process you went through and the time you took. These are the things that strengthen your gesture and make it seem even more meaningful. Many times we say such great words as "thank you" and "sorry" just to say them, resulting in recipients looking for a clue that will convince them that we mean them. Below I'll give you all the helpful tips you need to choose the best bouquet for your cause. What is suggested for you who wants to say "thank you" and what for you who wants to say "sorry"?

Which flowers to choose to say "thank you"

Guess what? The roses are also in this category. The most popular flowers of all are perfect for pleasing a loved one. They will fill their space with beautiful colors and amazing smells. I will continue with the pink hydrangea which is meant for someone who helped you during a difficult time for you. Choose any color you prefer as the symbolism of the flower is about gratitude to a person who showed understanding when you needed it. The chrysanthemum on the other hand are intended for those who want to please a friend. In short, it's a way of saying "thank you for your friendship". A similar symbolism is found in irises which are a worthwhile alternative. I will close with the Pink Carnations which are the most common shade. Pink carnations symbolize gratitude for someone's generosity. It is a big thank you that you want to say to someone since they are in your life. 

Which flowers to choose to say "sorry"

First of all, we should make it clear that apologizing is a brave act. Forgiveness may be at the discretion of the recipient, but it is not easy to identify your mistake, admit it and even apologise for it. The flowers come to show that you have indeed thought it through and wanted to make a beautiful gesture to ask for forgiveness. Don't keep in mind that the recipient can only be your partner or mate. Don't forget a friend, a colleague, a client, parents or even an employee.

And in this category we will find the extremely popular roses. As a matter of fact, because of their romantic nature, these are mainly for your other half. The same purpose is served by the lilies which since ancient times have been synonymous with beauty and express sincere and pure feelings, such as devotion. Prefer your lilies in white to convey your message. The tulips are associated with new beginnings and optimism. How are the two connected? It is like telling someone that you wish to make a new beginning and that you are convinced or confident that everything will work out. Choose orange or yellow tulips to show your remorse.

Flowers may not last forever but the card on which you write your loving message is a keepsake that no one will throw away unless they still have anger in them. Don't dwell on the symbolism of flowers that may not be familiar to everyone and write true words about the way you feel at the moment, whatever the emotion you want to express. Flowers always sweeten people and even the look and smell of flowers will prepare the recipient to accept your message and read it with a positive mindset. If you have nature as your ally, then you have nothing to fear!

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