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Which vase fits your bouquet and how to decorate it to show off your bouquet.

Throughout the year, we flower lovers will receive as a gift or buy ourselves a flower bouquet of flowers for the house. But even for those who are not fanatics, a flower will always cross the threshold of their home. The constant question on everyone's mind, once we get our hands on a bouquet, is which vase to put it in and where in the house to place the vase. Flowers can be beautiful on their own, but it is up to us to enhance their beauty by placing them in the right vase and in the right spot in the house. Below we will see which vase is meant for each flower and also where to place it so that it will not go unnoticed by anyone. Don't forget that our flowers are one of the most beautiful decorations, but they have the advantage of being living organisms and even smell wonderful.

Which vase is the best choice for your bouquet

What is the right height for your vase and what is the right diameter? According to experts, the ideal vase covers 2/3 of the flowers. As for its diameter, it should neither be so wide that it doesn't give the bouquet shape nor so thin that it chokes or destroys the sprigs.

What is the right shape for your vase? Certainly the most common of all options is the bollard vase, which is mainly intended for flowers with long stems. They are also a great choice for ready-made bouquets as they give them a very nice structure. I will move on to the round vases which are not suitable for all flowers, especially those with long and thick stems. The secret is to make the flowers only slightly larger than the height of the vase so that there is the right structure and only the flowers protrude from it. I will continue with hourglass-shaped vases intended for flowers with large and round flowers, such as peonies. It's time to move on to rectangular vases, which are found in more modern homes and have a minimalist feel. In this case, it is better that the flowers are of the same kind and that they do not "choke" the vase. I will close with the small jars which can hold one or two flowers and are just the thing to fill a table.

Some useful tips for your vases and flowers

Did you know that the experts went through the process of looking for the must-have jar that every home should own? According to those in the know, the right vase ought to be non-glass and hourglass-shaped. The spout should be narrow so that not many flowers are needed to fill it, but there should also be proper support. As for the color, they suggest a neutral that will match different parts of the house but will also tie in with most colors of flowers.

Why do experts urge you to avoid glass and transparent jars? The answer lies in the twigs. According to them, when our vases are transparent, we focus more on the green sprigs and less on the colored flowers, as we should.

How to keep your flowers alive for longer in the vase? Experts suggest cutting the stems by 2.5 cm at a 45-degree angle every day to help water infiltration. Don't let any leaves come in contact with water, and be sure to clean the vase thoroughly before placing your flowers. Also change the water every day so that it is crystal clear.

Don't forget to put flowers in your home as they are the easiest and most economical way to brighten your mood with beautiful colours and fragrances. 

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