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15 August: 10 gifts for Maria and Panagiotis

flowers gift for August 15th

August 15th is approaching and these are some ideas for the best gifts to offer your loved ones for their celebration.

gift of flowers to a girl

We are just a breath away from August Fifteenth, one of the country's biggest celebrations that takes place in the heart of summer. This year, in 2022, the 15th anniversary of the 15th of December is coming up.η August is a Monday and, like every year, will find most people on holiday. In Greece, apart from the faithful, there are few homes and families that will not have celebration. This is the reason why most people are looking for at least one gift for one of their loved ones which is his name day. Below you will find a wide variety of options for gifts that will make their recipients really happy and will make an impression.

15 August: what do we celebrate?

15 August

To begin with, August 15 is a great feast for Orthodoxy and Christianity. The Assumption of the Virgin Mary, as the name suggests, is about the death of the Virgin Mary, Her resurrection and Her transfiguration to heaven. As far as the calendar is concerned, the most popular names that have their feast day on the 15th of August are Panagiotis, Panagiota, Despina, Maria and Marios. Surely in your wider family and friends environment there is a person with one of the above names and if you are looking for a gift to give them then you will find what you are looking for below. 

It's not just the classic flowers in bouquets or deluxe boxes. You can give a chance to more modern parallels like forever roses, beauty and the beast and dried roses. Now you can find a wide variety of items if you love flowers, and choose the one you prefer depending on your budget and taste.

15 August: why are flowers the best gift?

Sometimes we don't know what to offer someone and we rack our brains to find something that meets their expectations. If you think about it, flowers are a gift that everyone likes. You can't pick up this gift of nature with its unparalleled beauty, gorgeous colors and unbeatable fragrance and not crack a smile. Also, flowers have a very important advantage that I don't think we find in any other option. They are suitable for all ages and for every occasion! 

Roses for Fifteenth of August
Flower Bouquet Classic Pink Deluxe

Fifteenth of August: gift ideas for the celebrants

The bouquet is the most classic and popular way to offer your favorite flowers to the person being celebrated and wish them "happy birthday" on their name day. The roses is the safest choice as most people like them while pink is a good alternative to red without having to take risks. 

sunflowers in a box for a gift
Sunflowers in a Deluxe box

An alternative is flowers in a luxury box, which is perfect for the holidays as the packaging really looks like a gift. I recommend the sunflowers as it is one of the flowers that is very resistant to the heat and high temperatures of summer. Also their bright yellow colors are hard to miss. 

The compositions are an excellent gift suggestion as they are made up of different flowers and are filled with different colours and fragrances. Their biggest advantage is that even when the flowers wilt, the recipient will be left with a lovely caspo to remind them of your move. 

flower arrangement
Composition in Yellow-Green

During this season, which is intertwined with the heatwave, which limits the lifespan of our flowers, you can look for alternative gifts that have nothing to envy from real flowers. Some such cases are the flower in the dome called "Beauty & The Beast" and is inspired by the fairy tale of the same name, the forever roses which have a shelf life of 3 to 5 years and which dried flowers in a jar. There's always the alternative of toy flower that combines the beauty of flowers with the joy of play and the utility of the decorative. 

beauty and the beast for gift
Beauty & The Beast Pink Heart

It's Fifteenth of August and you want to offer a classic flower? Then it's worth thinking about Orchids which come in a variety of colours and are more durable as they are in a pot. If you want to offer a plant that will last for a long time, the bonsai dominates the trends and is a modern gift that will win over every modern personality. 

Back to the classics, a basket with the recipient's favorite drink and his or her favorite flower, will satisfy all the senses of the celebrant and is sure to win him or her over. A more economical option that can fill his home with beautiful smells is also scented candle which has a long burning time and a wonderful colour. 

Don't forget that every flower has its own symbolism and that's one advantage you can use to get your message across to the recipient. However, if you still are looking for an easier way to say what you feel, you can write a card with your message! 

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