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Orchids: what they symbolize and how to stay healthy

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Useful tips to choose your orchids according to their symbolism and keep them alive despite the high summer temperatures. 

Orchids are a beautiful and extremely popular flower. Aside from its appearance, its numerous species and its varied colors, what sets it apart from most flowers we put in our homes is the fact that we take it in a pot and grow it as a houseplant. During the summer, in a country like Greece, where temperatures touch and often exceed 40°C, this is very important for their survival.

Unlike the other flowers, the Orchids do not stay alive in our home for a few days but with the right care they can be kept alive for years. That's why they are a great choice for the summer months when the lifespan of other flowers is limited. Whether you want to add an orchid to your home or you wish to donate one, below we'll look at what the symbolism of an orchid is and how to care for it to keep it alive for many years to come. 

What orchids symbolize according to their colour

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The history of orchids goes back thousands of years and reaches back to ancient Greece, where they got their name. The ancient Greeks associated orchids with fertility and named them with a clear reference to the male genitals. They even believed that their shape could indicate whether the couple would have a boy or a girl. The Aztecs believed that the plant brought strength and so they used it as an ingredient in an elixir they made.

In China, orchids were offered as medals of valour and loyalty. To this day, orchids are the national flower of many countries, such as Colombia, as they symbolize beauty, love, elegance and fertility. Besides, in both China and ancient Greece, many people ate the flowers of the orchid as it was considered an aphrodisiac. 

But let's look at what each colour of the orchid represents. Η white orchid symbolizes innocence, purity and of course elegance. Η yellow is associated with friendship and new beginnings or great successes. Η orange has to do with pride, the Pink with femininity and the purple with admiration. Did you know that traditionally, pink orchids are offered to 14η and the 25η a husband and wife's wedding anniversary? 

How to care for orchids during the summer season

Orchid Pink
Orchid Pink

First of all, we should make it clear that heat does not help orchids, like most plants or flowers. Orchids in particular may grow in warm climates but they need moisture. Another determining factor is light. Orchids need to be illuminated by the sun but not directly exposed to it. If you have chosen to have your orchids outdoors, at least make sure they are in a shady place throughout the day.

Orchid Premium
Orchid Premium

Moving on to watering, give your orchids plenty of water, but always after making sure that the soil is completely dry since the last time. In fact, it is quite helpful to spray their flowers with a little water at regular intervals. What is worth knowing is that during this period the orchids are growing, so they need good watering and also fertilization with special products. 

In conclusion, when it comes to caring for your plant, don't forget to look at it and listen to it. Its image will tell you everything you need to know about its care and health status. So adapt your attitude towards it to the messages it sends you ! 

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