What do the flowers we give at Christmas symbolize?

What do the flowers we give at Christmas symbolize?

During the Christmas season, we tend to give certain types of flowers, not because they are the only ones available, but because each one has a little story behind it.

Alexandrine or Poinsettia

The shape of its leaves is often associated with the star of Bethlehem that led the magicians to the baby Jesus. But the history of the Alexandrian goes back even further, when the ancient Aztecs had it as a symbol of purity and took the pigment from its leaves to dye clothing and use it in cosmetics.


A sacred plant in Europe in ancient times, it symbolizes freedom, as its growth is unlimited. It can be found in various Celtic or Norse myths and legends and symbolizes Peace and Love.


From Ancient Greek, Roman and Indian medical traditions, the lioprino has symbolized rebirth, renewal and immortality. In Christianity, the lioprene has prominent significance, as its pointed leaves symbolize the crown of thorns and its red fruit symbolizes the blood of Christ.


Ivy may be an ordinary plant, but to give it to someone as a gift can hide a special message, full of love and interest. By keeping its leaves and vibrant green color during the winter solstice and despite all the harsh environmental conditions, ivy symbolically encourages us to maintain our health and growth, no matter the circumstances.

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