Forever Roses, Informative


Roses in a box

The Forever Roses Forever Roses or unchanging roses are becoming more and more popular and gaining a place in more and more homes.

Roses in a box

For those who love flowers and roses, if they could make one wish, it would be that their beloved flowers could last forever and never fade. In addition, especially during times like Spring and Summer when the temperature rises significantly, the strength and durability of the flowers we put in the vase, inside the house, is greatly reduced. So why decorate your living room or dining room with roses that will last for a few days rather than unchanging roses that will last forever? Below we'll look at what Forever Roses, Beauty and the Beast and deciduous roses are.

What are juiced roses?

Juiced roses

First of all, we must clarify that the juiced rosea are real roses that have been processed and their juices have been removed so that they last for a long time. The next question that immediately arises is "what kind of care do juiced roses need?" The answer is none! On the other hand, what we must, of course, note is that under no circumstances should you pour water on them and you should also protect them from direct exposure to sunlight. How long can Forever Roses stay unaltered? Provided you follow the instructions we have given above faithfully, their shelf life will exceed 2.5 to 3 years.

What is the difference between juiced and dried roses?

Dried roses

The main difference is the process that is followed in the flowers to achieve the desired result. Drying is done with ease, without equipment. We hang the roses upside down and wait for several days until they lose their moisture. The Dried roses will last for years, but they will have lost their colour and will be fragile. On the other hand, unaltered roses will retain their colour and texture. The flowers are covered with a preservative that has glycerol as its main ingredient, which within a few days takes the place of the flower's juices. This process cannot take place at home but only in specialised laboratories with the appropriate equipment.

What is the symbolism of Forever Roses?

beauty and the beast

Forever Roses make a very beautiful gift. They symbolize that the positive feelings you feel for the person you are giving your gift to will be forever. Just as roses last forever in the same way your love or friendship will last forever.

In any case, the packaging of Forever Roses deserves a special mention. Most of the time they come in luxury boxes (circular or square). These make them look like a premium product, as they deserve. The boxes hold from one to dozens of roses which can be of different colours or even the same. Instead of the classic box, however, there is also the option of a glass canopy. The dome keeps the rose intact for a long time, just like in the movie "Beauty and the Beast". That's where they get their name from, so they're called Beauty and the Beast.

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