Which is the Best Online Florists Shop in Thessaloniki?

kalytero online anthopwleio thessalonikh

Never underestimate the ability of flowers to change someone's day. Unfortunately, however, sending flowers to Thessaloniki may not go so well if they arrive wilted or even worse if they don't reach their destination on time. Whether you are sending a bouquet for a holiday, to celebrate an anniversary, or to "make up" after a fight, LouloudiaOnline is the best flower delivery service in Thessaloniki

Send flowers to Thessaloniki

As a celebration is always just around the corner, there are undoubtedly countless options since flowers are a timeless gift and are sure to be appreciated by almost every recipient out there. If do you want to send a bouquet of flowers to Thessaloniki and you're already living there, you might want to consider a reliable florist

But if not, then a online flower delivery service can be a great tool to find and send a bouquet you like quickly and easily, without even picking up the phone. 

Celebrate Valentine's Day by sending flowers online
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However, what you may not know is that most of the online florists do not use local florists in Thessaloniki to fulfill orders and apart from the outrageous delays, often what arrives to the recipient is nothing like what you saw.

What LouloudiaOnine offers

The city of Thessaloniki is known for its culture, delicious food, picturesque architecture and nightlife. But can we say the same for its florists?

Of course, an ideal florist in Thessaloniki and in any city should offer a wide variety of high quality flowers, along with friendly and professional service. And maybe once that was enough, but it's 2023, the demands are much more demanding and we must not forget that most people now prefer to buy and send flowers online.

After endless research on the internet for online flower delivery services and reading thousands of reviews from customers, we have identified what makes the difference in a really good online florist in Thessaloniki and that's how LouloudiaOnline was created. It is no coincidence that it is a one of the most famous florists in Thessaloniki for the last 7 years and is famous for:

  • High quality flowers from local growers, ideal to beautify your home or office.
  • Its friendly service.
  • The most experienced team of florists who are passionate about their art and use only the freshest and most beautiful flowers in their compositions.
  • Creating custom floral arrangements and compositions for special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, christenings and funerals.
Beautiful flower arrangements on the wedding reception tables in the Castles of Thessaloniki
What is the best online florist in Thessaloniki? 1
  • And of course as the best online florist in Thessaloniki and one of the best in Greece.

LouloudiaOnline offers a wide variety of flowers and plants that are sure to impress even the most discerning buyers but let's take a closer look at its unique characteristics and what makes it so special.

Beautiful flowers

Because beauty is a matter of taste, there is a huge variety of interesting, elegant, elegant, and stylish flower arrangements, from the most traditional and classic to the most modern. Such as the impressive bouquet of pink tulips or the unique flower arrangement of 15 red roses in a white clay casket.

Easy online ordering process

An online florist must be able to offer the same features and services as a physical florist in Thessaloniki. Sending a flower bouquet Teddy Bear of Roses from the couch at home seems like a piece of cake, but in reality it may not be so easy if you don't have a clean and modern website, intuitive to navigate with accurate images and clear descriptions of the compositions. 

At LouloudiaOnline you can filter by price, occasion, colour and more to make it more easy to choose the right bouquet without annoying flashing pop-ups and incomprehensible menu options. The site has been specially built and continues to be optimized to be easy to navigate, with clear categories for different types of flowers and occasions, making it easy for customers to find what they are looking for in seconds.

Woman buying flowers from her mobile phone in an online flower shop in Thessaloniki.
What is the best online florist in Thessaloniki? 2

Fast delivery

Although there are several occasions for which we know well in advance the day and time we need to make the flower delivery such as Valentine's Day, birthdays and Mother's Day, many times you want to send flowers directly without any notice

Typical examples are births, injuries, an illness and the rare but unavoidable moments when you piss off your beloved and need a truly romantic gesture of reconciliation. 

With this in mind, with LouloudiaOnline you can send flowers to Thessaloniki in just two hours without shipping costs and usually one working day in the rest of Greece.


The big question, even if the bouquet you sent is the same as the one you saw in the photo, is how fresh the flowers will arrive. At LouloudiaOnline this is not just a given at the time of delivery but all bouquets are accompanied by 3 days freshness guarantee. From there, they offer the best advice and help with plant care so that customers can keep their plants healthy and beautiful for as long as possible.

Of course, inevitably, most flowers will last about 1 week in the vase before they start to lose their freshness. On the other hand, why give a beautiful gift that only lasts a few weeks when the bouquet can last up to 5 years? 

The Forever Roses Rose Arrangements Forever Roses are not only stunning to look at, but specially made to last for years. Many florists claim to be able to create with the Forever Roses technique but in reality this high end technique can only be applied by very strong teams of florists.

Impressive gift packaging

Flowers should not just be well packaged, without damage to the wrapping or crushed flowers. Either way, flowers are sent as a gift either in a vase or in a nice box and it makes a huge difference whether the packaging enhances that feeling.

LouloudiaOnline's packaging makes the recipient feel like they have received a beautiful flower arrangement as well as a gift. The boxes chosen are not only pleasing to the eye but also more attractive to open as a gift, eventually revealing the flowers inside.

Gifts & Decorations

Flowers are a wonderful gesture in themselves, but sometimes it takes a little more than that such as chocolates, a basket or a candle. You can plan for example a special evening for your partner by sending a fine bottle of wine perfectly matched with a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers.

LouloudiaOnline: the best online florist in Thessaloniki

Sending a bouquet of flowers unexpectedly is a sure way to paint a smile on anyone's lips, especially during the holidays. But especially if that someone is in Thessaloniki then LouloudiaOnline gives you the opportunity to order easily and quickly the the finest flower arrangements that are guaranteed to arrive fresh and on time.

With a large selection of high quality flowers and plants, friendly and professional service and additional services such as event planning, LouloudiaOnline is the leading online florist of Thessaloniki and can offer customers all the benefits of a physical florist on their phone or computer screen.

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