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The 5 best reasons to send flowers in January

Hello January. The 5 best reasons to send flowers in January

We have some great reasons to send exciting flowers in January, not only to celebrate a special occasion, but also to feel great about brightening someone else's day... and our own!

After all the excitement of the holidays, hectic family gatherings and beautifully decorated homes, the beginning of the year can seem a little dull. During December, homes are decorated with Christmas decorations and  Christmas bouquets and wreaths. Everywhere there are tasty treats and non-stop entertainment. And everything is exciting and joyful, but when the year ends and the new year begins, everything changes. The flashing lights go out, the family returns home. Suddenly winter is just cold and boring.

This is why flowers are perfect for January! Instead of spending the first month of the new year with little excitement and lack of color, we can add our own color with a beautiful bouquet of flowers! Winter can be a dreary time as it is (have you ever heard of seasonal affective disorder;). This colder weather can have a negative effect on people's moods, but flowers can help!

At LouloudiaOnline, we will find beautiful bouquets that can help us add some colour and cheer to our home this January. If you're feeling the blues of winter, flowers can help! Read on for more reasons why we need flowers in January.

Simply because

The 5 best reasons to send flowers in January 1

Flowers are a great thing to add to your home regardless of the time of year. They are beautiful, smell great and can help you add something special to your home. You never really need a reason to buy flowers for yourself or someone else.

If you want to add a beautiful bouquet of flowers to your home this January, be sure to shop at LouloudiaOnline! We'll deliver your flowers and help you brighten up your home.

It makes you happy

Flowers have been shown to immediately improve a person's mood. In a previous blog, we talked about how flowers can make you happy! This is another good reason to get flowers during the month of January.

Color addition

January is a cold and colourless month. There are no leaves on the trees, the skies are grey and all the plants seem to be dying. This is a depressing scene that can easily be improved with a bouquet of colourful flowers!

Indoor Plant Appreciation Day - 10 January

The 5 best reasons to send flowers in January 2

The holiday is over. You finally packed up all the decorations. But what's missing in your household now? Indoor plants of course! Today is the day to take care of the plants you already have and definitely the best day to send a new houseplant to a friend or family member. Houseplants instantly brighten a room, clean the air and bring the house to life day by day. Your local florist will have a wide variety of houseplants that can be easily grown in all shapes and sizes.

Beat The Winter Blues

Even if you don't have a full-blown case of seasonal affective disorder, long grey winters have a way of bringing everyone down. After the December holidays and heading into the coldest days of the year in many climates, January is a particularly difficult month for sunny moods. Fight the winter blues by sending some bright flowers! They'll be a welcome surprise and a reminder that spring is just around the corner.

Main name days in January.

January is full of big named holidays. On 06/01 Fotis - Fotini, 07/01 John - Ioanna, 17/01 Antonis - Antonia, 18/01 Thanasis - Athanasia and 25/01 Gregory - Gregoria. What better way to say happy birthday with one of the our suggestions.

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