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Which flowers for the vase that will lift your spirits

flowers on the table

Flowers that deserve a place in your home and will make you happy. 

It is clear that our life is no longer like a fairy tale. The difficulties are many, the working hours are pressing and the obligations are endless. In the last decade alone, we have had to contend with an economic crisis, a global pandemic and a war that led to an energy crisis. We all have an enormous need to find occasions that will lift our spirits, make us happy and give us a reason to smile, despite adverse circumstances. Many of us find these occasions by seeking an outlet in nature. Where it all began. So either we intensify our excursions to the countryside, or we bring nature into our homes. 

 flowers on the bed

Indeed, both houseplants and houseplants Flowers in the jar, has been proven by research, that they can cheer us up. Have you ever caught yourself looking at the flowers in the flowerpot and smiling? You're not the only one, but you're not the only one either. In fact, studies have shown that the brighter the colors, the happier anyone who takes a look at them becomes. Simply put, flowers activate the hormones of joy and make us feel better. The same is of course not only true for us who fill our homes with bouquets, but also for anyone who receives a bouquet of flowers as a gift. So if you want to make someone happy, all you have to do is offer them a bouquet of flowers. 

Here are 5 flowers that can cheer you up with just one look at the flowerpot you have placed them in. 

The flowers that will make you happy


It is no coincidence that roses are the most popular gift when it comes to flowers, because they bring joy to their recipients. Choose your favorite color, depending on the emotion you most need at the moment. Red is associated with love, yellow with friendship and pink with sympathy and love. 


Tulips are such a beautiful and elegant flower that it fills you with joy just to look at it. Its bright colors can brighten your day. Its simplicity and minimalism make it such a charming flower. 


Just as the sun makes us happy, sunflowers can give us the excuse to 'pop' a smile. After all, their yellow colour is synonymous with joy and their flowers are so impressive and large that they open your heart without you even realising it. 


Lilies are associated with our most beautiful childhood memories. Their white colour is associated with serenity and serenity is associated with calmness. Besides, besides our vase it is also intended as a fantastic gift for your loved ones. 


Daisies are such a sweet and bright flower that is a wonderful choice to make someone going through a difficult time happy. 

Luckily for us, flowers can now be delivered to our home or the home of our friends with just one click! It's so easy to find an excuse to cause a smile with a bouquet of flowers ,that it's worth giving them a chance to cheer you up, by choosing your favourite from a really wide variety! 

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