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Which flowers are worth choosing for the holidays

flowers for the holidays

The best flowers to give to your loved ones or to decorate your home for the holidays.

We are heading towards the end of December and we are just a breath away from the turn of the year. Although we are getting closer to welcoming the New Year, the festive scene has not ceased to be magical and gifts are still exchanged, according to tradition. Especially in view of the New Year's Eve, most of us choose a gift for our loved ones or for the house we are invited to. 

Besides, until the first ten days, the festive atmosphere is all around us. Don't forget that the 6th of the month is the feast of Epiphany, the 7th of the month is the feast of John and until the end of January Gregory, Anthony and Athanasius are celebrating. For reasons we have discussed many times flowers are a fantastic gift for those we love, both men and women. Just find the kind of flower they will love with the color and fragrance they prefer. 

Christmas flowers for the holidays

Whether you're looking for the best holiday gift to give, or you're looking for the perfect holiday purchase to decorate your home, flowers are a fantastic idea in this case too. They have colors, fragrances and fill the space with their beauty and freshness. Don't miss the opportunity to offer them to someone who will surely crack a big smile upon receiving them, but also to put them in your home, where I can confidently say that they will cheer you up and make you love the holidays.

Below we will see suggestions and ideas for your favourite flowers that will bring the festive atmosphere to your home and the home of your loved ones.

Floral arrangements and flower arrangements for the holidays

Christmas Bouquet with Roses

I'll start with the best option for you who want to offer a bouquet that screams it's still the holidays and shouldn't be forgotten. Aside from the joy it will bring to the recipient once they get their hands on it, this fantastic bouquet can also work as a great home decoration. 

Christmas Bouquet with Roses in Pink-Gold

Just as festive as the previous one but in different shades is the bouquet with pink roses and gold balls that exudes luxury. This luxury and elegance of the holidays will manage to bring this luxury and elegance to your home or the home of the loved one you are offering it to. 

Bouquet with Blue Roses and Eucalyptus Coconut

This bouquet of blue roses and eucalyptus has the great advantage of being different from all the others. You can offer it to a person who is truly special and not influenced by the choices and habits of others. Make sure you choose it for a person who dares and appreciates anything that is different from the ordinary. 

Flower Arrangement with Red Roses and Chrysanthemum in Clay Maspaw

I chose this floral arrangement for the holidays as the combination of red roses with red chrysanthemums and goldenrod or solindango turns out to be just right for the season. If you want to enhance your gift even more, add gold gold dust to emphasise the festive character, elegance and luxury of the flower arrangement.  

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