Useful tips to extend the life of your flowers.


Flowers cross the threshold of our home, either because we cut them from a beautiful garden or because we bought them from a floristor because a loved one has offered it to us. As soon as we place them in a vase our space will be filled with beautiful smells, freshness and colours. It is a gift of nature to man to make his life brighter.

But no one wants this beautiful picture to last for a while and soon the flowers will wither in the vase. When you buy or receive something so special, you want it to last the maximum amount of time. How to achieve this goal and maximize its longevity bouquet your? Below you will find all the necessary instructions to help your flowers stand the test of time.


First of all, if you are someone who is planning to cut some flowers from the garden to put them in a vase or to offer them to someone else, it is best not to do it at random. Experts suggest cutting the flowers in the early morning hours to get the best look and fragrance out of them. Hold your scissors sideways to help absorb water when you place them in the vase. Before you put them in the water, trim off the leaves and any damaged flowers.

Don't forget that flowers are a living organism that needs care to survive in a flowerpot.

What should you do to enjoy the flowers as much as possible?

If the flowers they offer you are not cut properly, place them in a bowl of water and remove the end with a pair of scissors that are angled sideways. Before you put them in the vase, make sure you have cleaned it well and, better still, disinfected it. Don't overdo it with the number of flowers in the vase. You'll give them unnecessary trouble and the result will look stuffy. You shouldn't overdo the amount of water either because you'll hurt them.


Is all this valid until you place the flowers in the vase for the first time? But then what do you do to keep your flowers alive? Every two days you cut your flowers sideways, as much as necessary. It is also very important to throw away old water and replace it with fresh water. As for the vase, place it in a bright spot. Make sure, however, that the flowers are not in direct exposure to the sun's rays. Something also very important is to choose a location away from heat sources such as radiators, air conditioners and fireplaces.

The next tip comes from the old guys. He invites you to choose a solution of lemon and sugar in water or to add a small piece of aspirin. Other expert secrets suggest you pour copper coins, apple cider vinegar, vodka or soda into the jar.

In any case, there are always on the market the forever roses, that is, roses that last forever and are a good choice for you who want a flower that lasts through time.

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