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We are just a breath away from June and Summer, where the obligations and circumstances to attend are so many that they are not like a holiday. Beautiful flowers are always a good idea to offer to your loved ones or those you meet willingly or unwillingly. It's hard for someone not to love them and even harder not to cheer up someone you offer them to with their color and fragrance. So don't overthink it and choose the bouquet you prefer so you don't go empty-handed. But which is the one that will make the best impression and which one is right for every occasion? Below you'll find all the answers you need to find the bouquet to add to your basket.

Bouquet for birthday or celebration


If someone from your family or business is having a birthday or celebration, flowers are a good idea for a gift that you can accompany with a card with your wish or message. In case you know the recipient well, it goes without saying that you will offer them their favourite flower. If not, choose one of the most popular ones, i.e. roses, the tulips or the chrysanthemum.

For the maternity hospital

bouquet for birth 

The etiquette invites you to offer the new mum pink or blue flowers depending on the sex of the baby. Of course, and you can of course break this habit and choose whichever you like best. If you don't find the bouquet you want, the rose bears is a good choice that will stand the test of time and can also serve as a decoration for the baby's nursery. On the other hand, a pot with Orchids is a classic choice for the maternity ward.

Flower bouquet for the graduation


The most beautiful graduation photos were taken with a bouquet of flowers in their arms. The light-colored roses is a good idea as it symbolizes a new beginning, and so are peonies or chrysanthemum.

Bouquet for the anniversary

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Do you have a relationship or marriage anniversary with your partner or husband? Then the Red Roses are the classic choice for you who want to signal that passion is still alive. An alternative is to show with your bouquet how well you know your other half. That is, choose his favorite flower in his favorite color. You can also choose a flower that relates to a shared memory. For example, the flower in your wedding bouquet or the first flower offered by either of you after you first met.

For a man

We are not in the habit of offering flowers to a man, but this is wrong and has to do with the taboos that should not continue to exist in our society. Flowers are beautiful and anything beautiful is liked by all people regardless of gender. So why not men? Sunflowers, carnations, carnations. lilies and the chrysanthemum I think they are flowers that most people like.

Whatever your choice, don't forget that flowers symbolize the beauty of nature. Even the hardest of men bow to the color and fragrance of flowers. It is no coincidence that most poems have been written about spring, the season of flowers. Whatever your gift and whatever your budget, make sure you give it with a smile and a genuine concern for the recipient.

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