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 Cacti: Why to prefer them and how to care for them

cacti for cover

If you are a busy person, cacti are an ideal choice as they have minimal needs for survival. 

Heading towards the end of summer but without having left the high temperatures behind, it's a good time to talk about cacti. Although the beloved plant is making its way into more and more homes, there is little we really know about cactus. You only have to do a search on Instagram and Pinterest to see that cacti are showing up in more and more posts year after year. In fact, cactus is considered to be the plant of the future because it suits the modern busy person as it offers a lot, but asks for very very little. It is indeed a special plant which has special needs that differentiate it from all others. That is the main reason why we have little information about its properties and it is important to find out more. 

Cactus in a gold box
Cactus in a gold box

Especially in a season like this, where temperatures are high and the heat is sometimes unbearable, our options for new flower and plant purchases are limited. Even as we head towards the end of summer, there are few of those Plants that can withstand high temperatures and low humidity levels. In short, these are the ones to choose this season. Don't forget that plants are living organisms that require contact with the sun, plenty of water and sufficient moisture levels to survive and grow. At times like now when any of the three is too much or too little, it's worthwhile to go for plants with limited needs, such as succulents, to which Cacti

Below we will learn everything there is to know about cacti, useful tips for their care and their unique ability to absorb radiation. 

Cacti are succulents with special properties that make them even more hardy. 

what are cacti

First of all, we must clarify that all cacti are succulents but not all succulents are cacti. The property of succulents is that they retain water in their thick leaves, which they use in case of drought. Otherwise called succulents, they are succulents and are perfect for areas with low levels of drought due to lack of rainfall and high temperatures. Why aren't all succulents cacti? But because cacti are a subclass of succulents with spines and aureoles, small fuzzy balls on their leaves. Did you know that thorns grew on cacti thousands of years later to deter predators? Did you also know that cacti bloom from early spring to the end of summer?

Why is it worth choosing a cactus for your home? As we have already mentioned, we all work long hours and do not have a lot of time to offer our flowers and plants. On the other hand, we certainly don't have time to organise trips to the countryside. As a result, we want to bring nature into our homes as much as possible. That's why we fill it with greenery. Cacti in particular offer us all the advantages of an indoor or outdoor plant with minimal requirements. They need little care, don't require much water, provide plenty of oxygen and are wonderful for decorating our home. 

How to take care of your cacti so that they grow properly 

Cactus in white box
Cactus in white box

You only have to think about how cacti thrive in sandy rural soils and survive with minimal water to understand a lot about how to care for them. What they definitely need is direct exposure to natural sunlight. So even if you choose to place your beloved cactus on the balcony, even during a hot summer afternoon, it's in no danger. If you still choose to place your cacti indoors, make sure their location is in front of a window or door so that they are in direct contact with sunlight. In fact, warm days and cool nights are just right for both the growth and flowering of your cactus. Low humidity is also particularly helpful. Don't forget that cacti retain water inside, so if you overdo it with watering, your plant runs the risk of being damaged. Therefore, water sparingly and wait for the soil to dry out completely before watering again. 

Cactus in black box
Cactus in black box

Do cacti bring bad luck? This is a question worth answering, or rather a myth that needs to be debunked. According to most traditions, the only plants that are considered a bad omen are dead or withered plants. So how does a plant that dies very hard bring bad luck? Others say that their bad luck is related to the thorns they carry but it is they themselves who believe that roses bring good luck. In fact, according to feng shui, cacti absorb negative energy and thus protect the house. In fact, research has shown that they also bind radioactivity, which is why many people place small cacti next to the internet supply or Bluetooth-enabled electrical appliances. 

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