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Pet-friendly flowers and plants 

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How to fill your home with flowers and plants without endangering your pets. 

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Year after year, city dwellers increasingly want to bring nature into their apartments. In addition to their pets, they bring into the house at every opportunity different kinds of Flowers and Plants in order to beautify their personal space and fill it with living organisms. But can our cats and dogs get along with all the flowers and plants that cross our doorstep? The answer is no! 

Unfortunately there are species of flowers and plants that are toxic to our plants and can cause them harm and make them sick. Of course, under no circumstances will you stop putting flowers and plants in your home. What you have to do is find out which ones are the safest and which ones are the most toxic. The same is worth keeping in mind when offering a bouquet or a pot to a person who has a pet in the house. Luckily for us, there are countless pet friendly flowers and plants that will not only beautify the space but also ensure the health of our little friends. 

Below we will look at which are the most toxic flowers and plants, which are the most pet-friendly and which symptoms of our dog or cat should be of concern. 

Toxic flowers and plants for our pets

Love Bouquet with Pink Roses Deluxe
Pet Friendly.

Let's start with the flowers and plants that are proven to be toxic to your pet and you should be careful when putting them in your home. Proven, according to veterinarians' research, there are several species that are harmful to our animals. So, in case they feed on them, they can get sick or even lose their lives. The list includes aloe, amaryllis, azalea, alexandrine, ivy, vetch, begonia, gypsophila, eucalyptus, iris, ivy, lily, daffodil, narcissus, streelygia, tulip and chrysanthemum. Of course for all of the above it is worth doing thorough research as there are exceptions to the type of flower or plant. Also some are only harmful to cats and others only to dogs. 

The effects of toxic flowers and plants on our pets

Bouquet Yellow-Orange Coconut
Pet-Friendly: Bouquet Yellow-Orange Coconut

At this point it is worth pointing out the problems that the above flowers and plants can cause to your pets and the symptoms that should concern you so that you can visit a vet. If your pet has been weak for days, has been lethargic, vomiting and diarrhoea or seems to have nausea, then it's worth contacting a specialist. 

Pet Friendly: Sunflowers in a Deluxe box
Pet Friendly: Sunflowers in a Deluxe box

It's important to say that even non-pet friendly flowers and plants can have a place in your home, as long as you take the right steps. For example, they may be placed in a room that your pet cannot access or at a height that they cannot reach in any way. 

Pet-friendly flowers and plants

I'll close with the flowers and plants that are proven pet-friendly and worth choosing if you want to add beauty and freshness to your space. The list of pet friendly items includes the star, the alstroemeriathe violet, the violet, the sunthe daisy, the daisy, the orchid, the pansy, the petunia, the celosia, the Rose and the leader. 

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