Roses: Tips to last longer

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Useful tips that will help our beloved roses to have a longer life expectancy, despite the adverse conditions.

Red Roses

The roses are in any case the most popular flower that most people love as it has a wonderful fragrance and comes in many different colours. This lovely flower, one of the most recognized ornamental plants, is suitable for many different occasions. It can both decorate our home with its beauty and also be offered to our loved ones. The beautiful flower with its striking colour, lush green foliage and thorns needs special care to maintain its vitality. 

Below we will see how we can extend the life expectancy of roses so that we can have our favourite flowers in our home for longer and longer. 

5 tips to help your roses last longer in the vase

After you receive your bouquet, the first step is to find the right vase and wash it with plenty of warm water and soap to kill bacteria. It is these microorganisms that threaten the strength of your flowers and reduce their life expectancy. Then fill your vase with bottled or filtered water to make sure it's as clean as possible. If the only option you have is tap water, make sure to leave it in the fridge overnight before adding your roses. 

Bouquet Classic Red Essential
Bouquet Classic Red Essential

A secret trick invites you to dissolve a spoonful of sugar in the water you've already poured into the jar. This is a great way to hydrate your flowers so they can last longer. In case you have a large vase, you can increase the dosage, as long as you don't overdo it. 

Something that is not often mentioned about cut flowers in a vase is that they should not be in direct contact with sunlight. The same applies to areas of intense heat, such as radiators or fireplaces, from which they should be kept at a distance. Simply put, the cooler their environment, the longer your plants will be able to withstand it. It's also quite handy to place them where the air passes through or where there is an air conditioner or fan. 

Flower Bouquet Classic Pink Deluxe
Flower Bouquet Classic Pink Deluxe

Just as harmful as direct solar exposure and heat-generating units are fruits or vegetables. When your roses are in close proximity to your fruit stand, it is likely that their substances will wilt them before their time. 

Once you have placed your bouquet of roses in the right place, it is important to be disciplined about caring for them while they are still in bloom. Experts suggest changing your flower water every morning to remove the bacteria that accompanies it. To each new water you can add a little sugar again. In addition, don't forget to cut about 2 cm off the stem of your flowers diagonally. This helps your flowers to absorb more water and therefore live longer. 

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