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Tik Tok: 8 lessons for flowers

Tik Tok for mobile flowers

The popular app Tik Tok besides being fun, it can also offer us useful tips for our beloved flowers. 

Tik Tok is an app that has broken all records and is constantly gaining ground in terms of both popularity and annual earnings. The app that is compatible on both iOS and Android while it was created just 5 years ago, that is in 2017. Tik Tok may have launched a year earlier for China users while just a few months later it crossed the country's borders and expanded to almost the entire world. The oxymoron is that now the app is not available in China, although it became extremely popular in 2018 while the pandemic and quarantine took it off the ground. To date, the app has been installed nearly 100 million times in the US and 1 billion times globally. 

tulips in a vase with TIk Tok tips

The important advantage of Tik Tok, like other modern applications linked to new technologies, is that they sometimes manage to combine fun with some knowledge and information that can be useful in everyday life. Something similar happens with our plants or flowers. With a simple scroll through Tik Tok, you can see and read useful tips about Flowers and learn how you can help them grow and extend their life expectancy. This knowledge is easily accessible with one click and reaches the world, from all over the world. Simply put, you have easy access to useful tips from one end of the planet to the other. 

10 Secrets about our flowers that we learned from Tik Tok

  1. After you receive your bouquet, cut the end of the stem diagonally and then burn it in the flame of a candle to make your flowers last even longer. 
  2. An alternative way to prolong the life of your flowers is to hit the end of the stems with a hammer and then place them in lukewarm water. 
  3. Remove from your tulips the leaves that look damaged and are in decline and when days have passed and the flowers have begun to wilt, open the petals by hand.
  4. Add vodka to the water in the vase where you have placed your tulips to keep your flowers upright and from dropping. 
  5. If you have a flower in a pot, it will be very helpful for its health and growth to drop an egg on top of its soil. Alternatively, in a bowl of water, juice a tomato and water your pot with it. 
  6. Do the twist and place your flowers upside down in a round vase, cutting off the overhanging stem. 
  7. Pour some sugar into your vase and dissolve it in the water with a spoon to preserve your roses longer. 
  8. Place a coin in the jar of water and insert a fine needle just below your flower blossom. 

Can all of the above tips are linked to the tradition of many different countries and their roots go back in time, but you should always bear in mind that you should be wary of advice that has its source on the internet. In any case, try to adopt as many of the above as are appropriate to the types of flowers you prefer and try to form your own opinion on the performance of each of the above. Otherwise, do your own research at Tik Tok with the appropriate hashtag that have more to give you tips for potted or vase flowers. 

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